Take a moment to read these breath-taking testimonies of what Jesus has done through just a handful of people who have visited Refuge Church.
Melucci Hiccup:
“There’s not many places you can go and feel right at home. Thank you guys for all you have done already . People please give this church a try. I promise you wont want to leave. I’m not going to.”
Joseph Garrison:
“After feeling hurt and confused about the other church I belonged to… I needed a place to grieve my spirit man. These people have welcomed me with open arms and I feel the anointed presence of God .The Pastor is Holy Spirit led, not just Biblical smart. You will have a very Powerful experience every time.”
Joy Chauncey:
“Loved the anointed word of God that went forth this morning! The worship was just awesome and the presence of God was so thick you could cut it with a knife! After all the scripture does say the word of God is more powerful than a two edged sword and truly it was powerful!! This service lifted my spirit and I felt so great by the end of it!”
Rob Johns: 

“I’ve felt for the longest time that God was done with me; that I have no purpose because of some life choices of my own that I can’t be used in ministry; That I might as well move on and forget it all. Well TODAY that changed. At church today, the pastors message spoke RIGHT AT ME; I felt like his sermon was made just for me. I decided to go up to the altar and with my hands in my pocket (Kind of mad at God). The pastor locks on to me with his eyes and says, “God has given you so many gifts and you haven’t been using them. I want you to know He is not done with you.” So the times of believing the devil’s bull crap is now over, and I’m working to be me again. Today was one of those “only God can do moments”. Thank you Pastor Ronnie Stewart for being obedient to the Holy Spirit.”